Drawings & Videos (Installation)

Research on the human figures on drawings now also expands in videos and digital animation. Drawing is still the main means of expression, but enhanced by movement it is even more expressionistic. Drawings and digital animation, static and dynamic situations standing side by side, provoke each other to stand aside or to react. There is a man's faith in an expressionistic and absolutely personal manner, a bare reality which is close to reality, and to the potential destiny of the drawing – to be erased, lost, or completely destroyed. In that manner,  I see drawing as a very direct and proximate way for any kind of expression. On the other hand, digital animation is indirect and intermediary, and has the ability to achieve a very complex result that will describe the human - but in a very different way. Values like true or false are not important to me in any way, but the only unknown human beings and human form that are controlled by the most diverse inner factors.

/Drawings (charcoal/acrylic on silent foil, 130x100cm each), videos, and digital animation/


Nedeljkov S02

Nedeljkov S01