Born in 1971. in Zrenjanin (SFR Yugoslavia, Serbia). Graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in 1998. (Art course, department: painting). Post graduated from Interdisciplinary studies at the Department of Digital Art at the University of Arts in Belgrade (Serbia) in 2008.  Member of Serbian Association of Artists. 

Sole exhibitions:
1998 Gallery of ULUV (Zrenjanin, Serbia) :: 2000 Gallery of Vojvodina Association of Artists, (Novi Sad, Serbia) :: 2001 Contemporary gallery (Zrenjanin Serbia) :: 2002 National museum (Kikinda, Serbia) :: 2002 Cultural center “Vuk Karadzić’”, (Becej, Serbia) :: 2002 Foundation gallery of Ilija M. Kolarac (Belgrade, Serbia) 2005 :: Gallery Lazar Vozarević (Sremska Mitrovic, Serbia) :: 2006 Cultural Center (Novi Sad, Serbia) 2008 :: Grand Hall of Student Cultural Center (Belgrade, Serbia) 2018:: 4BID Gallery (Amsterdam, Netherlands) :: 2019 Gallery TERRA (Kikinda, Serbia) :: 2019 Gallery Reflektor (Užice, Serbia) ::  2019 Gallery SULUJ (Belgrade, Serbia) :: 2021 Center of Contemporary Art of Montenegro (Podgorica, Montenegro)

Selected group exhibitions and festivals in the past few years:
DIAMETRALE, International Experimental Film Festival (Innsbruck, Austria) ·Festival de Cortometrajes "Jose Francisco Rosado" PACAS (La Mancha, Spain) · N-Mona the new museum of networked art: Refugees (Koeln, Germany) · Cinema Perpetuum Mobile Festival (Minsk, Belarus) · Wake Up! - artists show face against Populism, Intolerance, Xenophobia, and Racism, (Koeln, Germany) · Filmideo, International festival of independent filmmakers and video artists (Newark, New Jersey, USA) · Short Cut Festival (Indjija, Serbia) · Tasmanian International Video Art Festival (Launceston, Tasmania, Australia) · CON-TEMPORARY Art Observatorium (Venice, Italy) · The Laceno d'Oro 2017 (Avellino, Naples, Italy) · ORION International Film Festival (Sidney, Australia) · Fincortex – Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Experimentales (Tunja, Colombia)
The Special prize Short Cut Festival (Inđija, Serbia)

Nottingham International Microfilm Festival (Nottingham, Great Britain) · GRAFFI - Festival di culture visive (San Giorgio del Sannio, Italy) · VideoArt Contest OtherMovie Lugano Film Festival (Lugano, Switzerland) · Festival Alto Vicentino (Santorso, Italy) · Festival Miden (Athens, Greece) · San Mauro Film Festival (Turin, Italy) · Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival (Portland OR, USA) · A Rebel Minded Festival (Brooklyn, NY, USA) · Festival savremene umetnosti "Video Park" (Uzice, Serbia) · Best Short Fest (Ontario, Canada) · Festival Internacional de Cine con Medios Alternativos FICMA (Mexico City, Mexico)
Festival of Contemporary Art "Videopark" (Užice, Serbia)

Traverse Video, Musee Des Abattoirs /Toulouse, France/ · IOFF - International Online Film Festival · MOMus - Experimental Center for the Arts /Thessaloniki, Greece/ · The Hazel Eye Film Festival /Nashville Tennessee, USA/ ·  Peekskill Film Festival /New York, USA/ ·   International HALF festival /Palakkad, India/ ·  Lawn festival (Mostyn, Wales) ·  Pineapple black gallery, A BLACK & WHITE Christmas /Middlesbrough, UK/ ·  De Construkt, Philosophy and Film Edition /Brooklyn New York, USA/

Video Art Zero /Athens, Greece/ · NewMediaFest2020 /Koeln, Germany/ · The New Art Fest /Lisbon, Portugal/  · Heliotrope; Artfront Galleries /Newark, USA/ · 60 Second International Film Festival /Islamabad, Pakistan/ · Reality and its disorders; Espacio Gallery /London, UK/ · International Limestone Coast Video Art Festival – ILCVAF  2020 / Mount Gambier, South Australia/ · Vertifilms, International Festival of Vertical Films /Prague, Czechia/ · 404 International Festival of Arts and Technology · Festival PLAY video art and experimental cinema /Cordoba, Argentina/ ·  Interface Video Art Festival 2020 /Zagreb, Croatia/ · Video Art  Miden, online /Kalamata, Greece/

The Hebridean Dark Skies Festival, Stornoway /Scotland/ · Flying over the Balkans, Video Art Miden /Kalamata, Greece/ ·  Non-syntax Experimental Image Festival, Calm & Punk Gallery /Tokyo, Japan/ ·  National Museum of Natural History and Science - PANDEMIA /Lisbon, Portugal/ · HOSPITABLE UTOPIA, VideoPark /Uzice, Serbia/ 




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