"Forgotten Faces; is a set of unspecified portraits of what remains in memory over time and during the process of oblivion. The character of the person is under the process of constant changes and is constantly recreated, so the structure and form of the character are stopped at a certain stage of memory and emotional attitude towards the person being processed."


Nedeljkov Faces02Nedeljkov Faces01Nedeljkov Faces03


Forgotten Faces, combined technique, 35x35cm each, 2020/22






"Passing"; represents figures that move randomly in space without a pattern. Dynamic relations between individual bodies are presented in common, everyday situations such as sitting, walking, or running. Only the pulsating energy of the dynamic bodies and their movements is visible. Although this motif was manipulated in the past, the migrations of people from the Middle East have made this approach actual again.


3D animation, digital graphics






Video projections, 2018/20








Multimedia Audio Visual Exhibition And Installation

The exhibition was held in the Main Hall of the Student Cultural Center (SKC) in Belgrade, Serbia.

The main idea makes relations between the author and his act, between the author’s act and the spectator, and intermediary contact between the author and spectator. The motif is a figure which observes, conceives, and behaves without certain narrative content. Presentation of human figures through different media always involves the author’s personality, subjectivity, and unconsciousness in a tendency to become objective. Through the net of relations which results in, the spectator has the role of embodied motif, of an objective subject and he is an integer part of the project. A spectator is simultaneously a subject as well as to object, at the same time existing in Real as well as simulation with his mental and physical presence. In that case, the subject became his object, and all those visual elements were also enhanced by recordings of digitally made sounds of footsteps, breathing, conversations, etc.

(3D animation, video, photography and digital photo manipulation, freehand drawing, real-time video, and sound)


SKCArtikl Inside 






The performance was held in Banatian Plain, in the area between Zrenjanin and Elemir. It was a product of verbal dialogue with D. Kircanski about art, social understandings, the Pannonian basin, and the pollution of the Begej River.